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Changeworks Consultancy has an extensive track record in supporting organisations with developing projects, research and best practice for environmental sustainability.

As an enterprise arm of environmental charity Changeworks, we’re able to use expertise gained from over 20 years in frontline delivery.

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News: New version of our Guide to Insulating Hard-to-Treat cavities (HTTCs) published

cover of hard to treat cavities guideWhen the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was introduced in early 2013, it placed a new focus on funding insulation in properties with hard-to-treat cavity walls. In light of this, Changeworks published a Guide to Insulating Hard-to-Treat Cavities (HTTCs) in 2013. The guide provided information in a step-by-step process from identifying properties eligible for ECO funding, to the technical solutions, to ensuring apropriate insulation guarantees are obtained. It also provided best practice recommendations for engaging residents and ensuring that installations are carried out to a high standard.

In the past year, there have been a number of developments in this area. For example, new insulation products and guarantees are now available. To take account of these changes, Changeworks has published an updated version of the guide. The introduction of the guide highlights where changes have been made.