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Changeworks Consultancy has an extensive track record in supporting organisations with developing projects, research and best practice for environmental sustainability.

As an enterprise arm of environmental charity Changeworks, we’re able to use expertise gained from over 20 years in frontline delivery.

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News: New research on district heating

District heating can provide an effective solution for social landlords to provide affordable warmth to their tenants. Setting up appropriate metering and billing of energy usage within district heating schemes is critical to their success but this can often be challenging for social landlords to get right. Previous research also shows that tenants may not be provided with sufficient information to enable them to adapt to their new heating system and billing regime.

Changeworks Consultancy has recently been awarded a grant by Eaga Charitable Trust to research these issues. Drawing on real life experiences of social landlords and their tenants, we will assess the setup of different schemes, including pros and cons of different metering and billing methods. We will also analyse the energy usage from a sample of schemes with different setups, and we will explore tenants' experiences.

Findings from the research will be used to produce best practice guidelines for social landlords in terms of tenant engagement and billing methods for district heating.

If you are a social landlord or other key stakeholder and have experiences that might be useful for our research, please get in touch. Contact Tessa Clark at tclark@changeworks.org.uk or 0131 538 7954.